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Pacory Calvados

In Normandy's lush hills, known for its history and apples, is the Pacory Calvados Distillery. This family business has deep roots in the Domfrontais area. Here, they grow pears and apples.

Company History

The Pacory family began as farmers in the early 20th century. They made cider from local fruit. In 1939, Gaston Pacory started distilling this cider into Calvados. This brandy captures their land, heritage, and traditions.

Making the Calvados

Pacory's Calvados is unique for its focus on pears. The Domfrontais region is good for growing pears. About 60% of their orchards are pear trees. This gives their Calvados a special fragrance and taste.

They stick to traditional methods. They ferment apple and pear juices into cider, then distil it. They use a single column still. This method is old and makes a robust, flavourful spirit.

The spirit ages in oak barrels. This softens the brandy and adds vanilla, caramel, and spice notes. The ageing time varies. Younger Calvados might age for two to three years, while premium ones age for over a decade.

Pacory has several Calvados types:

Pacory Reserve

Aged for several years, the Reserve blends different barrels. It has fresh apple and pear aromas with a spice touch.

Pacory Vieille Reserve

This older variant spends more time in oak. It has a richer colour and deeper fruit character.

Pacory Hors d'Age

Aged for at least a decade, this is for the connoisseur. It's smooth, complex, and richly aromatic.

Pacory Poire Domfront

This is not Calvados but an eau-de-vie made from pears. It's clear, and fragrant, and shows the pear's delicate notes.

Pacory Calvados Distillery shows regional pride and traditional craftsmanship. Their focus on pears, traditional methods, and diverse products offer a true taste of Domfrontais. Their spirits are a journey through Normandy's history and orchards.

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