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Ostara Vermouth

Ostara is a top English Vermouth brand. It makes drinks that capture the spirit of the English countryside. The founders have made two types of Vermouth – red and white. Both start with fine white wines from South East England.

At Ostara, they add English hedgerow plants to the wines. They soak these plants in alcohol to get their strong flavours. Then, they mix them with the wines. This creates a Vermouth that is light, easy to drink, and full of character.

The plants in the Vermouth show the English countryside. They use Wormwood, which helps digestion, and Hawthorn leaf for its nutty taste and heart benefits. Nettle adds a fresh taste, and Dandelion and Burdock roots give earthy and sweet notes. They also use herbs like Thyme, Hyssop, and Lavender, plus citrus peels and spices like Coriander, Cassia, and Nutmeg.

The red Vermouth has berries like Bilberries and Hawthorn Berries. These add fruitiness and colour. Black Tea and Elderflower add taste, while Angelica Root and Southernwood give a warm flavour. This makes a rich and complex Vermouth.

Ostara's name comes from the Spring Equinox in the Pagan calendar. This is a time of rebirth and joy. The brand aims to make drinkers feel like they are in the countryside.

The story behind Ostara is personal. The founder was inspired by childhood memories of foraging with his father. The brand celebrates nature, tradition, and time spent in the countryside. Ostara is more than Vermouth; it is a tribute to nature and the countryside.

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