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Orkney Gin Company

The Orkney Gin Company is a family business on the Isle of Burray in Orkney. It holds a deep respect for Orcadian traditions. Gary Watt, the owner and head distiller, values the company's history and handmade methods in making spirits.

The company honours local history in its products. The bottles are inspired by Selkie Folk and Orcadian stories. They use traditional ingredients like rose petals and mint, which families in Orkney have used for ages.

Their gins, including Johnsmas, Mikkelmas, and Rhubarb Old Tom, are made using an old method. They distil them seven times for top quality. The botanicals are added slowly, taking up to a month per batch. Their Sloe & Crow gin took nearly five months. This method lets the alcohol absorb the fresh flavours, creating a unique taste.

They also make Aatta Gin and Orkney Akvavit, Scotland's first Aquavit. These are made with whole botanicals like oranges and vanilla. They steep them for a short time and distil them an extra time. This makes a smooth spirit.

The family hand-bottles the gin. They clean, fill, cork, dry, label, and wrap the bottles. They do it by a window overlooking Scapa Flow.

The brand's inspiration comes from Orkney's heritage. They focus on traditional, slow methods. They use local plants like heather flowers and crowberries. They often get ideas from old Orcadian cookbooks.

Their bottle designs are influenced by old stoneware and glass found on Orkney's beaches. Most design work is done by the family. Hackney and Co., a local artist and friend, helps with the bottle illustrations.

The logo features a Selkie-Woman, from local legends of seal people. These stories are important in Orcadian folklore and are now part of the company's branding.

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