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Öreg Gin Distillery

Öreg Gin is a unique spirit from Hungary. It has become well-known in the gin market. The gin is made with great care and respects the heritage of gin-making. It suits both experts and new drinkers.

The makers use local Hungarian herbs and spices. This makes the gin truly Hungarian. "Öreg" means "old" or "ancient" in Hungarian. This name reflects the gin's link to distillation traditions.

The making of the Gin involves skill. The botanicals are chosen and mixed carefully. Juniper berries are the main ingredient. Other regional botanicals add complexity. The gin is strong yet smooth. It has a mix of flavours that work well together.

The gin's taste is rich and deep. Juniper gives a familiar taste. Other botanicals add spice, citrus, and floral notes. This makes the gin versatile. It is good neat, with tonic, or in cocktails.

Öreg Gin also shows Hungarian culture and skill. The brand celebrates Hungary's traditions. Each bottle of Öreg Gin tells a story of passion, tradition, and Hungarian heritage.

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