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Old Skool Gin Liqueurs

Old Skool has made a name for itself in the gin world with its unique gin liqueur range. These liqueurs are known for their nostalgic flavours. They remind one of childhood sweets and fond memories.

The Iron Brew variant stands out. It tastes like the iconic Scottish soft drink. It has a citrusy flavour and bright orange colour. This is a fun twist on traditional gin.

The Rhubarb & Custard liqueur mixes the sharp taste of rhubarb with creamy custard. This echoes a classic British sweet. It is both comforting and new.

The Fruit Salad variant celebrates old chewy, fruit-flavoured sweets. It mixes fruit flavours well, without one fruit overpowering the others. It's like opening a packet of mixed fruit sweets.

For those who like sweet flavours, the Candy Floss liqueur is perfect. It captures the sweetness of spun sugar. It is both light and indulgent.

The Refresher variant reminds one of zesty lemon-flavoured candy. It offers a burst of citrusy sweetness. It is great for those wanting to relive the taste of this sweet in an adult drink.

The Tutti Frutti liqueur brings together different fruity notes. It is a mix of fruit flavours in one drink.

Old Skool's range is not just about flavours. It also captures memories. Each liqueur turns past treats into sophisticated drinks for today. Gin is versatile and complex. Old Skool's liqueurs show it can also be playful. They bring back fond memories and create new ones.

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