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NÜTRL Ready to Drink

NÜTRL Vodka focuses on purity. It is distilled many times and filtered carefully. This process makes the vodka clean and neutral. The goal is to refine the spirit to its essence. It is clear, smooth, and versatile. It works well in many cocktails or on its own.

NÜTRL Vodka's key ingredient is high-quality grains or fruits. This choice affects the vodka's feel and subtle taste. NÜTRL balances this well. The vodka is smooth without being harsh or too complex.

The grain-based vodkas are slightly creamy and a bit sweet. This sweetness comes from the grains. The fruit-based vodkas are light and carry a hint of their origin.

The packaging reflects their brand. It is clean, simple, and modern. The design is minimalist and focuses on transparency. The bottle is noticeable for its subtlety.

Sustainability is important to the brand. They aim to reduce their environmental impact. They use local ingredients to lower transport emissions. They also minimise waste in the distillation process.

The vodka is a favourite for mixologists and home bartenders. It is a blank canvas for other ingredients. It works in many cocktails, from Martinis to Moscow Mules to Vodka Tonics.

NÜTRL also makes flavoured vodkas. They use natural ingredients. These enhance the vodka without overpowering it.

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