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Noveltea Spirit

Noveltea combines British tea culture with spirits. German co-founders Vincent Efferoth and Lukas Passia launched it. They wanted to innovate in the drinks market. They mix exotic teas with premium spirits. This fits with the trend for craft drinks and tea in mixology.

The founders were inspired by British tea culture while studying in Newcastle, England. They saw tea's social role and added an alcoholic twist. Noveltea is not just a drink but a new experience. It mixes the comfort of tea with the joy of alcohol.

The range includes unique blends. 'Tale of Earl Grey' mixes Earl Grey tea with British gin. It has bergamot and juniper notes. 'Tale of Tangier' blends Moroccan green mint tea with rum. It is refreshing with a minty zest. Each blend reflects a mood and setting. They invite people to explore the stories behind the teas and spirits.

Noveltea focuses on authenticity and quality. The teas come from top gardens, and the spirits match the tea flavours. The brewing process keeps the tea's delicate taste while adding depth from the spirit. This attention to detail has won Noveltea several awards.

Noveltea is versatile. You can drink it cold or warm. Cold, it is refreshing for summer. Warm, it is comforting for winter. This adaptability makes it popular for different occasions.

The packaging is imaginative. The bottles look like old apothecary bottles with a modern twist. The labels have detailed illustrations and typography. This packaging reflects the brand's focus on storytelling and tradition.

Noveltea also fits with cocktail culture. It is a base for creative cocktails. But it is also satisfying on its own.

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