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North Star Gin

Merywen is a unique spirit from Wales. It combines traditional distillation methods with a modern approach. This makes it stand out in the spirits world.

Origin and Background

Merywen comes from the North Star Distillery, Wales' smallest. Located in North Wales, the distillery focuses on artisanal spirit-making. It uses local ingredients for high-quality spirits. Merywen means 'mermaid' in Welsh, reflecting its mystical nature.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

The makers of Merywen pay close attention to every production step. They make the spirit in small batches. This allows for close monitoring and control, ensuring quality and consistency.

Local Ingredients

The brand is known for using local botanicals. The distillery supports local farmers and producers. This commitment is seen in the ingredients used in Merywen. These botanicals add to its unique taste and character.

Unique Flavour Profile

Merywen has a unique and complex flavour. It is rich and aromatic, balancing sweet and savoury notes. The local botanicals give it a distinct Welsh character. This makes it popular among both experts and casual drinkers.


Merywen is versatile and perfect for mixologists and home bartenders. It can be drunk neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its complex flavour is great for creating new drink recipes.

Community and Sustainability

The North Star Distillery values its local community and sustainability. They aim to minimise environmental impact. They use sustainable practices and responsible sourcing. This makes their production eco-friendly.

Recognition and Awards

Merywen has won awards for its quality and craftsmanship. It has been recognised in national and international competitions. This confirms its status as a premium Welsh spirit.

Merywen is a symbol of Welsh spirit quality and craftsmanship. Its unique flavour, sustainability commitment, and community focus make it stand out. It offers a taste of Wales that is enchanting and memorable, whether neat or in a cocktail.

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