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Noble Rebel Whisky

Noble Rebel Whisky is a blend of Scotch, created by Master Blender Michael Henry. He has over 30 years of experience in the drinks industry. Henry combines tradition and new ideas in whisky making. He uses the expertise of Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries. Noble Rebel is a mix of skilled distillation, careful maturation, and artful blending. It brings together the old and new worlds of whisky.

The making of Noble Rebel follows three steps: distilling, maturing, and blending. Single malts from Loch Lomond Distillery are matured for at least three years in handpicked oak casks. These malts form the base for the blends. Each blend has its own story. They offer a sensory journey. They combine the character of single malts with modern blending.

Henry creates three complex whisky expressions. They mix unexpected and familiar notes. His creations add excitement and depth to blended malts. They are not just drinks, but a mix of flavours that tell the story of the malts.

Each blend is more than a drink. It is an experience, whether drunk neat, with ice, or in cocktails. Signature drinks like "Orchard Outburst" and "Hazelnut Harmony" show the tastes in each blend. They suit adventurous drinkers who like new experiences.

Noble Rebel takes the art of blending to new levels. It respects but reimagines Scotch whisky traditions. Henry's blends invite you to explore a world where tradition and rebellion meet. They offer a journey of flavour and skill. Each sip is a step into the unexpected.

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