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Navas Mixers

Navas is a premium mixer brand, notable for its dedication to complementing the rich tapestry of spirits available today. Originating in Cornwall, UK, this brand was born out of a passion for creating mixers that elevate the drinking experience rather than diluting or overshadowing the spirit's essence.

One of the standouts in the Navas range is their dedication to natural ingredients. Eschewing artificial additives and sweeteners, they utilise quality botanicals and elements sourced responsibly. This commitment results in mixers that aren't just about adding fizz but enhancing the flavours and notes of the spirits they accompany.

What's particularly engaging about Navas is its connection to Cornwall’s unique landscape. The region, renowned for its rich biodiversity and pristine landscapes, undoubtedly influences the brand's philosophy. By integrating this deep bond with nature into their products, Navas ensures a fresh and genuine taste profile in every bottle.

Among their offerings are tonic waters, ginger ales, and other mixers designed to align seamlessly with a range of spirits, from gins to rums and beyond. By maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation, Navas has solidified its reputation as a go-to for those who appreciate a mixer that adds to the spirit, rather than taking away from it. Whether you're a casual consumer or a connoisseur, the Navas range promises an elevated experience, ensuring that the spirit remains the star, with the mixer playing a harmonious supporting role.

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