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National Distillers

The whisky world has seen many influential brands. National Distillers is one of them. It's known for its traditional whisky-making approach. Its brands, like Old Sunny Brook and PM blended whisky, have made a mark in spirit history.


National Distillers started in the United States. It became a key player in whisky production in the 19th and 20th centuries. The company grew by joining with other distilleries. This expanded its range and improved its techniques.

Old Sunny Brook

Old Sunny Brook is a well-known brand under National Distillers. It stood for quality and tradition. The whisky was known for its smooth texture and balanced taste. The flavour was carefully made to blend the spirit with ageing subtleties. It became popular among discerning drinkers.

PM Blended Whisky

PM blended whisky also boosted National Distillers' market position. This blend was made for a wide range of whisky fans. The selection of grains and the blending of batches made it both accessible and detailed. PM's character showed National Distillers' balance of innovation and tradition.

Significance in the Industry

National Distillers shaped the American whisky story. They influenced production methods and consumer tastes. Their expertise covered flavour creation, branding, distribution, and strategy. This holistic approach helped them connect with a global audience.

Their legacy is important for modern distillers. It shows the value of local tastes, blending, and consistent quality. These lessons are still relevant, keeping National Distillers' influence alive.

National Distillers is among the brands that have left a lasting impact. Their commitment to excellence and innovation sets them apart. Their brands like Old Sunny Brook and PM blended whisky show their vision and skill. As the whisky industry grows, their legacy remains a key reference in the whisky world.

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