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Mogul & Dram Cocktails

Mogul & Dram is a company that adds new flavours to classic whisky soda. They bring a modern touch to traditional drinks. This appeals to both whisky lovers and new drinkers.

Their main product is Whisky & Soda with Grapefruit Infused. This drink mixes fine Scotch whisky with the zesty taste of grapefruit. This creates a blend that is refreshing when chilled. The ingredients are simple: carbonated water, whisky, natural flavours, and citrus acid. This keeps the taste clean and lets the grapefruit flavour stand out. The drink has a fruity taste, with grapefruit sweetness and citrus zest. It is balanced with vanilla and a hint of smoke.

Another great drink from Mogul & Dram is the Lemon Infused Whisky & Soda. This drink is light and refreshing, perfect for summer. The lemon infusion adds a tangy twist to the creamy vanilla base. It also has touches of smoke and spice. This makes a complex and enjoyable drink. You can buy it in packs of 12 cans. This makes it easy to keep stocked and enjoy chilled from the fridge.

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