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In a world increasingly exploring non-alcoholic beverage options, Mocktails emerges as a gleaming gem, turning simple moments into cherishable memories with its array of alcohol-free, mixology-inspired drinks. Born from a family gathering and a collective desire for fun, delicious beverages without the harshness of alcohol or the burden of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup, the brand has meticulously carved its niche in the market.

Sourcing the Ingredients

Devotion, passion for supreme quality, and an unwavering commitment to flavour are the foundations upon which Mocktails builds its reputation. The brand travels far and wide in search of the most excellent ingredients. From the Chianti region of Central Italy, where Sangiovese grapes are sourced for the Sangria, to the dense woodlands of south Asia for obtaining the ideal Carthamus flower for the Mockapolitan, and even to the Andean rainforests in search of the Quassia shrub, the journey is extensive and dedicated.

The meticulous care reminiscent of master perfumiers is employed by Mocktails’ mixologists, who have devoted years to sourcing the right botanicals, ensuring they are combined in precisely the right quantities to create a balance of tantalising flavours. The resultant beverages, be it a Mockarita with perfectly ripe Mexican lime, a Mockscow Mule with a touch of Sicilian lemon, or a Mockapolitan with a subtle juniper berry hint, are crafted with love and balanced without alcohol, providing a clean, sophisticated, and enjoyable drinking experience.

The Range

Four distinctive flavours, namely the Mockapolitan (Karma Sucra), Mockarita (The Vida Loca), Sansgria (Sevilla Red), and Mockscow Mule (Scottish Lemonade), serve to invite consumers into a world where flavour is paramount. These drinks not only stand out due to their distinct tastes but also due to their quality, being made with real fruit juices, exotic and natural flavours, and pure cane sugar. Ensuring inclusivity and health, they are non-GMO, gluten-free, and devoid of artificial colours or flavours, providing a lighter option with half the calories and sugar without any compromise on the delightful taste.

To enhance the brand’s appeal, Mocktails provides a set of inspiring recipes that leverage their core beverages to create innovative, refreshing concoctions, such as the ‘Holiday Karma’ using Karma Sucra Mockapolitan and ‘Nojito’ with The Vida Loca Mockarita. These crafted creations not only exude sophistication but also entice consumers to engage with the brand in a fun, interactive manner, turning each bottle into an experience rather than a mere drink.

Mocktails has managed to intertwine the pursuit of quality with an ethos that places it as an award-winning brand in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. The brand stands out as the first premium brand of ready-to-drink, alcohol-free cocktails, presenting a mindful lifestyle alternative that endorses being spirited without the spirit.


With its innovative and thoughtfully curated drinks, Mocktails offers a choice that consumers have been seeking – ready to serve and pair, low in sugar and calories, and made with all-natural ingredients in a vegan-friendly manner. The packaging, being 99% recyclable, reflects an awareness and responsibility towards environmental sustainability, aligning with modern consumer consciousness.In essence, Mocktails is not merely a beverage brand; it is a choice, an experience, and a commitment to quality and mindful consumption. It allows consumers to “Drink Different,” promoting a lifestyle where one can enjoy the intricate flavours of mixology without the complexities of alcohol, artificiality, or environmental disregard, and in doing so, ensures that every sip is a step towards creating delightful, alcohol-free memories.

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