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Mocktails is a brand offering alcohol-free drinks inspired by mixology. It turns simple moments into memorable ones. The brand started at a family gathering, aiming for fun, tasty drinks without alcohol or artificial ingredients.

Sourcing the Ingredients

Mocktails is built on devotion, quality, and flavour. The brand searches globally for the best ingredients. They get Sangiovese grapes from Italy's Chianti region for their Sangria. They find the Carthamus flower in South Asia for the Mockapolitan. They even go to the Andean rainforests for the Quassia shrub.

The care Mocktails takes is like that of master perfumers. Their mixologists use the right botanicals in the right amounts. This creates balanced, tantalising flavours. Their drinks include a Mockarita with ripe Mexican lime. There's also a Mockscow Mule with Sicilian lemon, and a Mockapolitan with juniper berry. These are made with love, balance, and no alcohol.

The Range

Mocktails offers four cocktails. They include the Mockapolitan (Karma Sucra) and Mockarita (The Vida Loca). They also have the Sansgria (Sevilla Red), and Mockscow Mule (Scottish Lemonade). They are known for their distinct tastes and quality. They are made with real fruit juices, exotic natural flavours, and pure cane sugar. They are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and free from artificial colours or flavours. They offer a lighter option with fewer calories and sugar, without compromising taste.

The company also provides inspiring recipes. These use their core beverages to create new drinks like the ‘Holiday Karma’ and ‘Nojito’. These creations are sophisticated and fun, making each bottle more than just a drink.

Mocktails has become an award-winning brand in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. It offers a premium choice of ready-to-drink, alcohol-free cocktails. This supports a mindful lifestyle of enjoying mixology without alcohol.

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