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Mey Spirit

Raki, an iconic Turkish spirit, is deeply embedded in the country's culture and traditions. Often referred to as the "lion's milk" due to its milky appearance when mixed with water, Raki is a drink that symbolises friendship, kinship, and memorable conversations around a dinner table. Among the various brands and types of Raki, Tekirdag Raki stands out as a premium choice for many connoisseurs.

Tekirdag is a province in the northwest of Turkey, known for its fertile lands and pristine climate, which are conducive to producing high-quality grapes. These grapes form the foundation for Tekirdag Raki. What sets Raki from Tekirdag apart is not just the quality of the grapes but also the meticulous distillation process and the region's age-old traditions of Raki-making.

Anise, the primary aromatic ingredient in Raki, lends the spirit its distinctive flavour. When the deep aroma of anise combines with the robust flavour of the Tekirdag grapes, the result is a drink with a rich, full-bodied taste, smooth texture, and a lingering finish. The anise also causes the characteristic clouding when water is added, leading to its colloquial name, "lion's milk".

Raki Tekirdag has been honoured with numerous awards, validating its premium quality and craftsmanship. But for the average Turk, the drink's value is not in its accolades but in its role as a centrepiece of social gatherings. In Turkey, consuming Raki is not just about the drink but the entire experience. It's commonly paired with "meze", a selection of appetisers like white cheese, melon, and seafood, making the drinking experience a lengthy and enjoyable affair. The ritual often involves pouring Raki into a tall, slender glass, followed by chilled water, and then adding ice.

To truly appreciate Raki Tekirdag, one must approach it with reverence. It's not a spirit meant to be knocked back in a hurry but sipped slowly, allowing its complexities to unfold with each taste. As with many traditional spirits, there's a certain respect and etiquette to drinking Raki, especially when in the company of seasoned drinkers.

Raki Tekirdag is more than just a spirit; it embodies the essence of Turkish hospitality, the joy of shared moments, and a connection to a rich cultural history. Whether you're raising a glass in Tekirdag itself or somewhere across the globe, this distinctive drink is a celebration of Turkish tradition and craftsmanship.

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