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Mey Spirit

Raki is a famous Turkish spirit, deeply rooted in the country's culture. Known as "lion's milk" for its milky look when mixed with water, it symbolises friendship and good times at dinner. Tekirdag Raki is a top choice for many.

Tekirdag, in northwest Turkey, has fertile lands and a good climate. These are perfect for growing quality grapes, used in Tekirdag Raki. The region's skilled distillation and long-standing Raki-making traditions also set it apart.

Anise gives Raki its unique flavour. It blends with the taste of Tekirdag grapes to create a rich, full-bodied drink. It's smooth and leaves a lasting taste. When water is added, the anise makes the drink cloudy, hence "lion's milk".

Raki Tekirdag has won many awards for its quality and craft. But in Turkey, its value lies in being the heart of social events. Drinking Raki is about the whole experience. It's often served with "meze", like cheese, melon, and seafood. The drink is poured into a tall glass, mixed with water, and then ice is added.

To truly enjoy the spirit, take it slowly. It's meant to be sipped, not rushed. Respect and etiquette are important when drinking Raki, especially with experienced drinkers.

Raki Tekirdag is more than a spirit. It represents Turkish hospitality, shared joy, and a rich cultural history. Whether in Tekirdag or elsewhere, it celebrates Turkish tradition and craftsmanship.

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