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Mews Gin distillery

Richard and Daniel Mew combined their skills and love for gin on a two-year project. They studied many recipes and distillation methods. Their work led to a premium gin, first served at a family wedding in 2014.

Richard's background in oil and gas gives valuable business insight. Daniel, an engineer, ensures high precision and quality in gin making. Together, they make a gin that blends modern techniques with traditional methods.

Their equipment, named "Betty", is a copper pot still with a "shepherd's crook" Lynne arm. It was made by John Dore & Co. in Surrey. This firm has been making stills for over 180 years.

The gin uses vapour distillation. This method is more work and costs more, but it gives the gin a lighter, more subtle taste. The botanicals sit above the pot, not touching the spirit. The flavour comes from the alcohol vapours during heating. The Mews believe the taste is worth the extra effort and cost.

Mews Gin's unique taste comes from 11 botanicals. It's great in martinis or gin and tonics. A top-quality tonic water is best to keep the gin's flavours. Lime or cucumber can be added, but cucumber has a strong taste. For something different, try blueberries with bitters.

There are three main gin distillation methods. The "two shot" method makes a strong gin concentrate, diluted later. This can taste harsher. The "one shot" method soaks the botanicals in the pot before distillation, with no extra alcohol added later. Mews Gin uses the vapour method for its refined taste.

Mews Gin Distillery shows the founders' commitment and passion. Their careful approach and focus on quality make their gin special and enjoyable.

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