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Merlet, headquartered in Saint-Sauvant, France, has been a beacon in the liqueur and Cognac industry since its establishment in 1850. Rooted deeply in family traditions, the company's lineage spans three generations, each contributing to its evolution in spirit production. Their signature is a unique synthesis of traditional methods and innovative flavours, especially evident in their fruit liqueurs, which masterfully marry pure fruit maceration with the depth of Cognac.

Local sourcing remains at the heart of Merlet's philosophy. Every ingredient, from the fruits to the eaux-de-vie, is carefully chosen from the region, ensuring authenticity and capturing the distinct essence of the French terroir. Sustainability, too, is not just a buzzword for Merlet. Respect for the environment is evident in their practices, reflecting an overarching commitment to quality and longevity.

In recent offerings, the company has showcased its ability to merge the old with the new, as seen in products like C2 Café and C2 Citron. These combine the age-old allure of Cognac with contemporary favourites such as coffee and lemon, proving that Merlet isn't confined by its history but inspired by it.

In essence, Merlet's story, from its inception to today, is one of balance - of tradition and innovation, of local sourcing and global appreciation, and most importantly, of crafting spirits that resonate across generations.

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