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Master's Gin

Master's Gin has been made by the family-run MG Destilerías in Spain since 1835. It is a premium gin known for its traditional production. The gin's standout feature is its triple-distillation process. It begins with high-quality neutral grain alcohol and juniper berries.

The gin's botanicals are sourced from the Mediterranean. They include sweet and bitter orange peels and lemon peel. These give Master's Gin a distinct citrus complexity. This careful choice of botanicals celebrates the gin's Spanish roots and the region's rich biodiversity.

Tasting the gin is a unique experience. The initial aroma is a bright burst of citrus, complemented by juniper's earthy notes. The palate is a blend of citrus and subtle spice, leading to a smooth finish. This complex flavour profile makes Master's Gin ideal for a classic gin and tonic or in various cocktails.

Master's Gin represents a fusion of craftsmanship, tradition, and geographical heritage. It appeals to modern tastes while honouring traditional gin-making practices. Drinking the gin connects one to generations of distillers who have refined this exceptional spirit.

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