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Massaya & Co. Spirit

Arak, known as "lion's milk" in the Middle East, is a traditional anise-flavoured drink. It isdeeply connected to Lebanese culture and its surrounding areas. A notable brand producing arak is El Massaya Arak, which combines traditional methods and modern techniques.

El Massaya, located in Lebanon's scenic Beqaa Valley, uses the finest local grapes and pure aniseed from Syria's Al Heeneh region. They triple-distil their arak, ensuring a smooth and aromatic drink. When water is added to El Massaya Arak, it turns milky-white, a sign of quality known as the louche effect. The drink balances the grapes' fruitiness with the bold anise flavour, leading to a refreshing finish.

The creators of El Massaya, Sami and Ramzi Ghosn, started the brand during the Lebanese Civil War. Their story reflects resilience and dedication to their heritage. El Massaya Arak celebrates Lebanese heritage. It represents the Beqaa Valley's, the dedication of its makers, and the spirit of generations. It's more than a drink; it's a part of Lebanon's cultural fabric.

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