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Mashbill Whiskey

Mashbill Rye Whiskey stands out for its high rye content and clear labelling. This American rye whiskey contains 83.8% rye, much higher than the required 51%. It also includes 11.4% corn and 4.8% malted barley, adding unique flavours to the whiskey.

Aged for 6 years, part of its maturation occurs in sherry casks. This adds complexity and a slight sweetness, balancing the spicy rye. It's versatile, enjoyable neat or as a key ingredient in cocktails.

The whiskey offers a blend of mellow and bold aromas. Its scent combines sweet, buttery notes with peppery spice, green chilli, and a barbecue glaze. Tasting it, one experiences a mix of sweet syrup and spicy rye, alongside buttered corn and green capsicum. The finish is long, with flavours of liquorice, vanilla, candied almonds, and oak char. It fades to a taste of buttered rye bread, caraway, and nutmeg. Mashbill Rye Whiskey is ideal for those looking to explore the depth of rye in whiskey-making.

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