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Marzadro Grappa

Marzadro Grappa, a renowned Italian spirit, is known for its grappa production tradition and craftsmanship. Made in Italy, Marzadro Grappa is more than a drink. It represents the rich history of Italian distilling. This grappa is admired worldwide for its quality and the commitment of its makers.

The Marzadro Distillery

The Marzadro Distillery in Nogaredo, Italy, started in 1949. Sabina Marzadro founded it in the Trentino region, famous for its beautiful landscapes and perfect wine-growing conditions. The distillery began as a small family business. It focused on keeping and improving grappa making. Over time, it grew but kept its focus on quality, craftsmanship, and tradition.

Making Grappa

Making the grappa needs skill, patience, and an understanding of the distilling process. Grappa is made from pomace – the leftovers from winemaking. Marzadro uses high-quality pomace from local wineries.

Marzadro distils its grappa with care. It uses traditional copper stills and modern methods. This mix keeps the grappa's authentic flavours and aromas while refining its profile.

Marzadro Grappa Le Diciotto Lune

This is aged in oak barrels. It has a complex taste with vanilla, almonds, and spices.

Marzadro Grappa Giare Amarone

Aged in Amarone wine barrels, it has rich flavours of red fruits and cocoa.

Marzadro Grappa Anfora

This is aged in clay amphorae. It has a soft, mellow taste with a balance of fruit and spice.

Each Marzadro Grappa type offers a unique tasting experience.

Innovation and Sustainability

The distillery mixes tradition with innovation. It experiments with ageing and blending. The distillery focuses on sustainability, using renewable energy and reducing its environmental impact.

Global Recognition

The grappa is known worldwide. It has won awards for its quality and authenticity. The distillery's commitment to grappa making has made Marzadro a symbol of Italian excellence.

Community and Culture

The grappa is more than a drink. It's a symbol of Italian culture. The distillery works with the local community and promotes grappa's cultural importance. It organises educational tours, tastings, and events.

From Trentino to the world, the grappa is known for its quality and Italian craftsmanship. The Marzadro Distillery blends past artistry with modern innovation. This ensures its grappas stay celebrated as symbols of Italian spirit-making excellence.

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