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Makar Gin

Makar is quickly becoming known for premium craft spirits, especially in the Scottish gin scene. "Makar" means poet in Scots, and this name reflects the art and craft in making Makar Gin. This gin combines technical skill and artistry.

Makar Gin is the first super-premium gin from The Glasgow Distillery Company. This company is the first independent whisky and gin distillery in Glasgow in over a century. They focus on innovation and the revival of craft distilling in Scotland. They blend Glasgow's heritage with a modern outlook.

The gin showcases Glasgow’s urban craft skills. Made in small batches in a copper pot still named "Annie," it combines traditional methods with selected botanicals. The core is juniper berries, with black pepper, rosemary, coriander seed, angelica, lemon peel, and cassia bark. These give Makar Gin a unique taste.

The gin has a bold taste, a juniper-led aroma, hints of black pepper, citrus, and a floral finish. It suits many tastes, whether neat, with tonic, or in cocktails. Each bottle is a tribute to craftsmanship and the poetic spirit of its Glasgow makers.

The Glasgow Distillery Company has expanded the Makar range. This includes Makar Old Tom Gin, sweeter in taste, and Makar Mulberry Aged Gin, matured in mulberry wood casks. There’s also Makar Cherry Gin, adding a fruity twist.

Makar Gin has won many global awards, showing its superior character and the company’s commitment to excellence. These awards recognise the gin's taste and the passion in each bottle.

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