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Lunun Gin

Lunun Gin is a standout new player in the premium gin market. From Scotland, a place famous for whisky, Lunun Gin has made its own space with a special character and mix of botanicals. This gin shows the creativity and range of the Scottish spirits industry.

Origin and Background

Lunun Gin came from the aim to make a spirit that shows both tradition and new ideas in Scottish distillation. The name 'Lunun' comes from the Scottish coast. It captures the natural beauty of the region. This is not just in the name but also in the gin's character. It aims to reflect the freshness and purity of Scotland's coasts.

Distillation and Botanicals

Making the gin involves both old and new methods. The gin is made with unique botanicals from Scotland and beyond. These include traditional ones like juniper and citrus peels, and unusual ones like seaweed. This gives the gin a special maritime character.

Flavour Profile

Lunun Gin is known for its fresh and clean taste. The gin blends different botanicals well. The freshness of citrus and the unique taste of seaweed are key. It is smooth and has subtle complex flavours. This makes it suitable for both new and experienced gin drinkers.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging is modern and clean. The bottle design is contemporary and simple. It reflects the gin’s focus on purity and simplicity. It is inspired by the Scottish coastal landscapes.

Versatility in Cocktails

Lunun Gin's unique flavour makes it great for mixology. It works well in classic gin cocktails, like Gin & Tonic or Martini. It also is good for new cocktail creations.

Market Reception and Growth

Since its launch, Lunun Gin has been well-received in the spirits market. Its new approach to gin, along with its Scottish roots, has interested both buyers and critics. The brand is growing in Scotland and internationally.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Lunun Gin focuses on being sustainable and ethical in making its gin. This fits with a trend in the spirits industry towards caring for the environment.

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