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Luckenbach Road Whiskey

Luckenbach Road Distillery, located in Texas, firmly embraces a 'farm-to-bottle' philosophy, taking particular pride in its straight bourbon, which is nurtured from 99% estate-grown corn and matured for over three years. The resultant bourbon is a cascade of popcorn, toasted oak, and butterscotch nuances, reflecting the rich, authentic terrain of the Texas Hill Country.

Historically, the distillery intertwines with the story of Heinrich “Henry” Ochs, the fourth great-grandfather of founder Stewart Lawrence Skloss. In 1851, Henry moved his family from Germany to Gillespie County, Texas, becoming not only one of the town’s inaugural teachers but also a County Clerk and establishing the Buckhorn Saloon. The distillery's adherence to a trusted, hand-crafted recipe mirrors Henry’s dedication to the community and resolute spirit.

The operational focus of Luckenbach Road is significantly steered by sustainability. Engaging closely with the Texas A&M University Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, the distillery cultivates a diverse array of corn types, as well as wheat, barley, and rye, tailoring them to the local climate and conditions. This collaborative effort seeks to maximise local crops’ potential, ensuring that each bottle of whiskey is a reflection of the lush Texan landscape and is imbued with the authentic, complex flavours of the locale, intertwined with the smooth, historic taste of Luckenbach Road Whiskey. Moreover, the distillery is conscious of its corporate responsibility, continuously exploring inventive ways to support and give back to the local community.

Luckenbach Road Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged for three years and boasting a mash bill of 99% corn and 1% barley, offers a smooth, satisfying drinking experience with a subtle sweet undertone, bottled at 44% alcohol by volume (88 Proof). This spirit, while maintaining a rather traditional flavour profile and being especially palatable for those new to whiskey, reflects the early but promising steps of a young distillery.

While Luckenbach Road Whiskey may represent a more traditional flavour trajectory, its approachable and easily enjoyable character makes it a notably appealing choice, especially for those newly acquainted with whiskey. Despite being in its infancy as a distillery, there exists a substantial opportunity for Luckenbach Road to expand and refine its offerings, building upon the reputation crafted by Frontier Spirits through the release of this straight bourbon. It seeks to honour the rich, historically infused tapestry of Texan spirit production through its dedication to sustainability, community, and undeviating quality.

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