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Lucano 1894 S.R.L. Liqueurs

Lucano 1894 S.R.L. started in 1894. It is a symbol of traditional Italian liqueur making. This family-owned company is in Italy. It has made premium liqueurs for over a century. The recipes have been passed down through generations.

The Beginning

Pasquale Vena, from a famous family of distillers in Pisticci, Basilicata, started the company. He was committed to quality. He experimented with herbal infusions. This led to their main product, Amaro Lucano. This bitter-sweet liqueur is made from over 30 herbs. It became popular for its complex taste and soothing effects.

Amaro Lucano's Taste

Amaro Lucano's distinct taste comes from its mix of herbs, roots, and spices. It has made Lucano 1894 a standard in Italian liqueurs. It is known as a digestive and as a cocktail ingredient. It has adapted to modern tastes while keeping its original character.

Growth Over the Years

The brand has expanded its range since then. It has introduced new flavours and products. It has kept the high standards set by its founder. The company is known for its commitment to quality and respect for tradition. This has earned it a respected place in the Italian liqueur industry.


Lucano 1894 is still a leader in Italian craftsmanship. It combines innovation with tradition. It makes liqueurs enjoyed by experts and casual drinkers in Italy and worldwide.

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