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Long Table

Long Table Distillery, Vancouver's first micro-distillery, opened in 2013. Charles Tremewen and his wife, Rita, founded it. They focus on handcrafted, high-quality spirits in the city.

Location and Environment

Located in Vancouver, the distillery thrives in the city's food and drink culture. It highlights the trend of craft distilleries in urban areas. They offer local spirits as an alternative to mass-produced ones.

Small-Batch Production

Long Table is known for making small batches. This ensures detail and craftsmanship. They can experiment and make a variety of unique, seasonal spirits.

Diverse Range of Spirits

They started with gin and vodka but now offer more, like aquavit and amaro. These spirits show a wide range of flavours and techniques.


Sustainability is key at Long Table. They use high-quality, local, and organic ingredients. This reduces their environmental impact.

Community Engagement

The distillery engages with the community. They host tastings and tours. Their tasting room is a welcoming place for locals and tourists. It educates visitors about distilling and the stories behind the spirits.

Innovative Spirit

They explore new flavours and techniques. Products like their Cucumber Gin and Texada Vodka, with lemongrass, have gained attention.

Awards and Recognition

Their spirits have won several international awards. This highlights their commitment to quality and raises their profile.

The Distillery Experience

Long Table offers more than tastings. They have a cocktail lounge where guests can enjoy drinks made with their spirits. This gives customers a full experience from production to consumption.

The Tremewens add a personal touch to their work. Their focus is on quality, innovation, and community. Long Table Distillery is a part of the craft distilling movement. It values traditional spirit-making in a modern urban setting.

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