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Little Knapp Distillery

Little Knapp Distillery stands out in the British countryside. Its focus is on quality, local ingredients, and sustainability. Located in Somerset, a region known for its history and natural beauty, the distillery offers a unique experience. It combines traditional methods with new ideas.

The distillery is more than a spirit maker. It creates experiences. It uses local botanicals, making sure its spirits reflect Somerset's nature. Each bottle showcases the region's character.

The making process at Little Knapp is key. It balances old distillation practices with new techniques. This creates unique, yet familiar spirits. These spirits have complex flavours, crafted by experts. Tasting them is like exploring Somerset's nature.

Sustainability is crucial here. Every step, from gathering ingredients to bottling, aims to protect the environment. This helps maintain the landscape and the quality of their spirits.

Little Knapp is a part of British spirit history. It offers a link to the land and Somerset's rich farming past. As the distillery grows, it invites people to enjoy spirits that show off local craftsmanship and nature. Little Knapp is more than a distillery. It's a guardian of local traditions and a sustainable future, seen in every bottle it produces.

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