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Libarna Grappa

Libarna Grappa, deeply rooted in Italian culture, is more than just a drink. It's made in Italy, a country with a rich winemaking and distillery history. Grappa, unique to Italy, is distilled from pomace - the remnants of grapes used in winemaking. Libarna has embraced this tradition. They create grappa that reflects the spirit's heritage and unique production nuances.

The History

Libarna's story is linked to its location in a region known for viticulture. The distillery has access to top-quality pomace, essential for making grappa. Quick transport of the pomace to the distillery is crucial, as freshness affects the spirit's quality.

The Distillation

The distillery focuses on the artisanal nature of grappa production. They distil the fermented pomace in pot stills. This requires skill and precision. The distillers closely monitor the process. This ensures the grappa maintains its desired flavours and aromas. The result is a complex and refined spirit.

Flavour Profile

The grappa's flavour profile reflects its careful production. The spirit is known for its clear flavour. This comes from precise distillation and high-quality pomace. The grappa offers a range of aromas, from floral to fruity. These depend on the grape varieties used. Its palate can be bold and warming, with fruit, almond, and spice notes. The finish is smooth and lingering.

Libarna also makes aged grappas. These rest in wooden casks. Here, the grappa gains colour and extra flavour layers. The wood adds vanilla, toast, and spice notes. This makes the grappa richer and deeper. These aged grappas offer a mellow and complex experience.

Grappa's popularity has grown recently, with Libarna leading the way. Their grappa is not just a drink but a cultural story. It shares the heritage, region, and distillation artistry. It appeals to both enthusiasts and newcomers.

Whether drunk neat or in cocktails, Libarna Grappa stands out. It bridges the past and present, combining traditional grappa production with modern innovation.

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