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Lemorton Calvados

Lemorton Calvados is a line of apple brandies from Normandy, France. The Lemorton family has made these since the early 20th century. They are known for their high quality.

The distillery is in the Domfrontais region. This area is known for its pear and apple orchards. These fruits give Lemorton Calvados its unique taste.

Lemorton Calvados uses many pears and apples. They grow in traditional orchards with tall trees. These trees produce fruit with intense flavours. This is due to the long growing period.

After harvest, the fruit is sorted and crushed. It then ferments into cider. This process is important. It keeps the fruit's natural sugars and flavours. The cider is distilled in an old copper still. Calvados is usually distilled once. This keeps its strong fruit taste and rustic edge.

The ageing of the Calvados is key. It ages in old, large oak casks. These add subtle flavours without hiding the fruit. The calvados gets its amber colour and velvety texture during ageing. Some vintages age for decades. This adds to their complex taste.

Lemorton Calvados is known for its quality and authenticity. It has different aged versions. Younger ones are vibrant and fruity. Older ones are complex and mellow. They often have apple and pear notes with hints of wood, vanilla, and spices.

Drinking the Calvados is special. It is usually enjoyed neat, especially after meals. It also works well in cocktails. It adds depth to them.

Lemorton Calvados captures the essence of its region. It shows the craft of fruit brandy making. It reflects the Lemorton family's heritage, land, and passion. For those wanting to taste Normandy, Lemorton Calvados is more than a drink. It is a journey through history and flavour.

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