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Launceston Distillery

Launceston Distillery is in Tasmania. It is the first distillery in this Australian city since 1839. It opened in 2015. The distillery is in the historic Hangar 17. This place was for aviation services. The distillery mixes tradition with innovation.

The distillery focuses on local produce and community. They use Tasmanian ingredients. Water is key. It comes from Tasmania's natural reserves. The island is known for its pure wilderness. The barley is also Tasmanian. This supports local farmers and shows the terroir.

The distillery makes single malt whiskies. They have different cask types. These include ex-bourbon, tawny, sherry, and port casks. Each adds unique flavours to the whisky. The whisky matures slowly. The casks add to the whisky under the distillers' watch.

The distillery uses old whisky-making methods. They take care in fermentation, distillation, and maturation. They use copper pot stills. This adds richness to the spirit.

They focus on transparency and authenticity. Each bottle shows the cask type, number, bottling date, and bottle number. This shows the whisky's uniqueness.

While they mainly make whisky, they also experiment. They make gin and vodka in small batches. They keep trying new things.

The range has won international awards. Their whiskies are recognised worldwide.

Visitors can tour the distillery. They can see the distillation process and cask storage. They can also taste the spirits. These tours show the distillery's focus on education.

Launceston Distillery is more than a spirits maker. It keeps Tasmanian heritage alive. It is also innovative in whisky making. Each bottle shares their community's spirit and their passion for excellence. The distillery honours the past while looking to the future.

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