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LALA Tequila

Tequila has historically been led by male distillers and hacienda owners. Now, Lala Tequila, a woman-owned brand, is changing this. It's making a name for itself in the spirits industry.

Based in Amsterdam, Rooted in Jalisco

Lala Tequila is in Amsterdam. But its roots are in Jalisco, Mexico. This is where blue agave grows. It's the key ingredient in tequila.

Two Types: Blanco & Reposado

Lala Tequila offers two types: Blanco and Reposado.

Blanco: Lala's Blanco is clear. It's like the waters of a Mexican cenote. It's either bottled right after distillation or after resting for two months. Blanco tequilas are bright and crisp. Lala's Blanco has a fresh agave smell, with citrus and maybe pepper. It has a smooth, clean finish.

Reposado: 'Reposado' means 'rested'. Lala's Reposado ages in oak barrels. It rests between two months and a year. This gives it a golden colour. Its taste deepens with time. It might have vanilla, caramel, or smoke flavours over the agave base.

Female Leadership

Lala Tequila is notable for its female leadership. It's unique in an industry where women are often overlooked. Lala's rise shows that passion and skill are not limited by gender. The brand's success inspires others. It shows that dedication and vision can change traditional sectors.

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