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LALA Tequila

The world of tequila, a realm historically dominated by generations of male master distillers and hacienda owners, is witnessing a refreshing change. Lala Tequila, a brand owned by women, is gracefully making its mark, breaking the mould and carving out a space for itself in the crowded spirits industry.

Rooted in Amsterdam, Heart in Jalisco

Though based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Lala Tequila's roots stretch across the ocean, diving deep into the rich soils of Jalisco, Mexico. It's here that the blue agave, tequila's essential ingredient, grows under the warm sun, drawing nutrients from the earth to mature into the plant that will be transformed into this celebrated spirit.

A Dual Offering: Blanco & Reposado

Lala Tequila showcases a curated selection, with two distinct offerings: Blanco and Reposado.

Blanco: As clear as the crystal waters of a Mexican cenote, Lala's Blanco is the purest expression of the agave plant. Typically bottled immediately after distillation or after resting for up to two months in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels, Blanco tequilas offer a bright and crisp profile. With Lala's Blanco, expect a fresh burst of agave on the nose, complemented by hints of citrus and perhaps a touch of pepper, culminating in a smooth finish that's both invigorating and clean.

Reposado: The word 'Reposado' translates to 'rested', and that's precisely what this tequila has done. Lala's Reposado has been allowed to relax, soaking up the character of the oak barrels in which it's aged. Resting for a period between two months and a year, this tequila takes on a golden hue, its profile deepened and enriched by its time in wood. Tasters might discern notes of vanilla, caramel, or even a hint of smoke, layered over the foundational agave flavour.

Championing Female Leadership

Lala Tequila stands out not just for the quality of its spirits, but also for its emphasis on female leadership. In an industry where women have often been sidelined, Lala's ascendancy represents a shift in dynamics, underscoring the fact that passion, knowledge, and craftsmanship know no gender boundaries. The brand's success serves as an inspiration, illustrating that with the right blend of dedication, skill, and vision, one can shake up even the most traditional sectors.

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