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Laird and Company

Laird and Company are well-known in the American spirits world. They are famous for their apple brandy. They are the oldest licensed distillery in the USA. Their history is part of America's cultural and commercial story.

Early Beginnings

Laird and Company started in 1698. William Laird, a Scotsman, moved to Monmouth County, New Jersey. He used local apples and his Scottish distilling skills to make apple brandy. This brandy, known as "Applejack", quickly became popular. It started a business that has lasted for centuries.

Revolutionary Ties

The company has links to the American Revolutionary War. The Laird family gave Applejack to George Washington's troops. Washington liked the spirit. He even asked for the recipe for his distillery at Mount Vernon.

Growth and Expansion

As America grew, so did Laird and Company. They improved their apple brandy and increased production. By the 19th century, they were leaders in apple spirits. They sold their products in the USA and abroad.

Prohibition and Resilience

Prohibition was hard for many distilleries. But the company stayed strong. They got a license to make Applejack for medicinal purposes. This helped them survive Prohibition.

Modern Day Excellence

Today, the brand values tradition, craftsmanship, and family. They make various spirits, but apple brandy is still their main product. They use old techniques and new technology. This keeps the quality and taste of their brandy high.

The unique taste of their brandies comes from selecting the best apples. Laird and Company work closely with apple growers. This ensures they always get top-quality fruit.

These drinks have a special place in American spirits. They focus on quality, tradition, and innovation. Their apple brandies are still popular, offering a true American taste.

The company's history is closely linked to American history. They have been part of key events, like the Revolutionary War and Prohibition. Their story shows the American spirit – resilient, innovative, and timeless.

Drinking Laird's apple brandy is not just enjoyable. It is also a way to taste genuine American heritage. It combines old-world skills with new-world innovation.

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