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Laberdolive Armagnac

Laberdolive is highly regarded by brandy lovers, especially for its Armagnac. The House of Laberdolive has been around since 1838. It is known for its quality and tradition.

Laberdolive is in the Bas Armagnac region. The sandy soils there are perfect for growing grapes for Armagnac. These conditions give Laberdolive Armagnacs a smooth taste and deep flavour.

Single Vintage Armagnacs

Laberdolive focuses on vintage Armagnacs. Each bottle comes from one year's harvest. This lets drinkers taste the differences in each year's weather.

Natural Ageing Process

The company ages its Armagnacs in black oak barrels from Gascony. The ageing process is closely monitored. They don't use additives or colourings. The spirits age for a long time, often decades. This makes them complex and elegant.

Limited Intervention

The company believes in minimal intervention. They let time and nature do most of the work. This approach leads to high-quality Armagnac.

Laberdolive offers a range of Armagnacs. Younger ones show the grape's vibrant spirit. Older ones have rich, deep flavours from years of ageing. Some examples include:

Laberdolive 10 Year Old Armagnac

This younger Armagnac has a complex taste. It includes fruity notes and a hint of oak.

Laberdolive 30 Year Old Armagnac

An older vintage, it has had time to develop deep oak, spice, and a velvety texture.

Laberdolive 40-Year-Old Armagnac and Beyond

These are exceptional vintages. They offer a deep flavour range, from dried fruits and nuts to leather and tobacco. They are also very smooth, thanks to long ageing.

These Armagnacs are bottled at cask strength. This keeps the full character of the spirit. The bottles are elegant, matching the premium spirit inside.

For collectors and enthusiasts, Laberdolive is more than a brand. It is a legacy of top-quality Armagnac production. Each bottle is a rare find, offering a unique and memorable taste. This shows the Laberdolive family's passion and respect for Armagnac.

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