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Laberdolive Armagnac

Laberdolive is a name that conveys profound respect and appreciation among aficionados of fine brandies, specifically Armagnac. As a producer of some of the most exceptional and sought-after Armagnacs, the House of Laberdolive has a reputation that spans over a century, with roots going as far back as 1838. This storied brand has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality and the preservation of tradition in the creation of its revered spirits.

The Laberdolive estate, located in the heart of the Bas Armagnac region, is known for its sandy soils, which are considered ideal for growing the grapes used in Armagnac production. These conditions are believed to contribute to the distinctive smoothness and depth of flavour for which Laberdolive Armagnacs are known.

Laberdolive's approach to Armagnac production is distinguished by several key practices:

Single Vintage Armagnacs

Unlike many producers who create blends from different years, Laberdolive specialises in vintage Armagnacs. Each of their bottles is sourced from a single year's harvest, providing a unique snapshot of the season's characteristics. This approach allows connoisseurs to experience the nuances and variations that come from the climatic differences of each year.

Natural Ageing Process

Laberdolive Armagnacs are aged in black oak barrels from the Gascony forest. The ageing process is meticulously monitored, and no additives or colourings are used, ensuring that the final product is as natural and pure as possible. The spirits are aged for exceptionally long periods, sometimes several decades, which results in a remarkable complexity and elegance.

Limited Intervention

In keeping with tradition, Laberdolive maintains a philosophy of minimal intervention. The belief is that time and nature should be the primary artisans in the maturation of the spirit. This patient and hands-off approach is evident in the extraordinary quality and taste of their Armagnac.

Laberdolive offers a range of Armagnacs, from younger vintages that capture the vibrant spirit of the grape to older vintages that have developed rich, nuanced profiles over many years of ageing. Some notable offerings include:

Laberdolive 10 Year Old ArmagnacA younger expression that still offers a complex array of flavours, typically including fruity notes balanced with a gentle oak influence.

Laberdolive 30 Year Old ArmagnacAn older vintage that has had ample time to develop deeper oak notes, spices, and a rich, velvety texture.

Laberdolive 40 Year Old Armagnac and BeyondThese vintages are truly exceptional, representing the pinnacle of the cellar master's art. They are characterised by an incredible depth of flavour, with notes ranging from dried fruits and nuts to leather and tobacco, all balanced with a remarkable smoothness that comes from decades of careful ageing.

Laberdolive Armagnacs are typically bottled at cask strength to preserve the full character and intensity of the spirit. They are often presented in elegant bottles that speak to the premium nature of the contents within.

For collectors and enthusiasts, Laberdolive is more than just a brand; it represents a legacy of Armagnac production at its most sublime. The dedication to quality over quantity ensures that each bottle of Laberdolive Armagnac is a rare treasure, offering a distinct and memorable tasting experience that stands as a testament to the Laberdolive family's passion and respect for this timeless spirit.

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