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Kopparberg, known for its fruity ciders, is a staple from Sweden. Now, they have moved from apples and pears to gin and vodka. This expands their place in the drinks market.

The brand comes from Kopparberg town in Sweden. They have been brewing since the late 19th century. Their flavourful ciders gained global fame. Moving into spirits was a natural step for them. They focus on innovation and quality.

Kopparberg Gin shows their commitment to flavour and uniqueness. It has the same fruit essences as their ciders. The gin mixes juniper with fruity notes. This includes strawberry and lime, and mixed berry flavours. The gin is great in cocktails or as a gin and tonic.

Kopparberg Vodka is pure and versatile. It is distilled carefully. It suits mixologists and casual drinkers. The brand adds their signature fruity flavours to the vodka. This makes every sip, neat or mixed, unique to Kopparberg.

The shift from ciders to spirits shows Kopparberg's innovative approach. Their ciders speak of Swedish orchards and brewing traditions. Their gin and vodka show their focus on flavour and modern trends. Kopparberg now offers a wider range of drinks. Their legacy continues to grow in bars and homes worldwide.

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