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Kamiki Whisky

Kamiki whisky is a new and unique whisky from Japan. Japan has become well-known for its whisky in recent years. Kamiki stands out by combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with local influences. Notably, they use Japanese wood for ageing.

Kamiki is named after Nara, known as the "City of God" or "Kamiki" in Japanese. Nara is rich in history and culture. It is home to ancient shrines like the Omiwa Shrine, near where the distillery is. Local Shinto priests bless the whisky, adding a spiritual element.

The production shows great care for detail. It starts with malted barley and uses special yeast from Nara's Yoshino Sugi cedar trees. This gives the whisky a unique cedar note. The whisky first ages in American oak, which adds vanilla and caramel flavours. Then, it moves to Yoshino Sugi cedar casks. This is rare in whisky making and gives Kamiki a unique edge. Yoshino Sugi is known for its fragrance and durability. This adds a special aroma to the whisky and ties it to Japanese aesthetics and respect for nature.

Tasting Kamiki offers a complex experience. The smell hints at cedar, greens, and floral notes. The taste blends sweet malt with rich, spicy cedar notes from the casks. The finish is long and balanced, with a cedar touch that makes you think.

The range shows their innovative approach. The main product, Kamiki Original, sets the standard. They also have Kamiki Intense, aged in casks used for umeshu, a Japanese plum liqueur. This adds fruitiness and a mild acidity. The brand experiments with different cask finishes, like sakura wood. This connects the whisky to its Japanese roots and broadens the flavours.

Kamiki honours Japan's heritage and commitment to sustainability. They use local Yoshino Sugi, a renewable resource in Japan. Their presentation uses traditional motifs and materials. This strengthens their link to Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.

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