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Jones Distillery

Jones Distillery in Davenham Village, Cheshire, is known for its artisan gin making. They use 'Skip', a copper alembic still, to hand-craft small batches of gin. This process ensures precision and care in each bottle.

Their Signature Dry Gin shows their focus on quality and innovation. It has a mix of 14 botanicals, five from the local Weaver Valley. They also use natural spring water. This makes the gin smooth, citrusy, and rich in juniper.

The Signature Dry Gin has a fresh, citrusy smell, with a strong juniper note. The first taste is of juniper with a sharp citrus touch. It then becomes smooth, with subtle, complex flavours like spruce and grassy tones. The finish is long and dry, typical of a London Dry Gin.

The Raspberry & Lime Gin is another key product from Jones Distillery. It uses 15 botanicals, including fresh raspberries and local elements. This gin has a fruity, zesty profile.

Its aroma is sweet and citrusy, with juniper still important. The taste starts with raspberry and juniper. Then, citrus flavours add balance, keeping the gin's character. The finish is sweet and fresh, with lasting berry flavours and a final juniper touch.

Both gins come from Davenham, UK. They are best served with ice, premium tonic, and garnishes. The Signature Dry goes well with orange and fresh mint. The Raspberry & Lime pairs with lime peel and raspberries. Jones Distillery's commitment to craft has led to unique, artisan gins.

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