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Jerry Thomas Bitters

The Jerry Thomas bitters range celebrates Professor Jerry Thomas, a key figure in cocktail history. Known as "the father of American mixology," Thomas was a renowned 19th-century bartender. He was famous for his innovative mixing methods and his book, "The Bar-Tender’s Guide". This was one of the first cocktail recipe books. Jerry Thomas greatly influenced the art and science of mixology.

The bitters aim to reflect this famous bartender's spirit. They use traditional methods and ingredients that Thomas favoured. Bitters are a mix of botanicals, herbs, and spices in a strong spirit. Used in small amounts, they greatly enhance a drink's flavour, adding depth and balance.

The bitters in this range carry Jerry Thomas's respected name. They are made with great care. Each type goes through a thorough production process. This ensures consistent quality and authentic taste. These bitters work well in many cocktails, from classic to modern.

These bitters are not just a tribute to Jerry Thomas. They represent quality and skill. They capture Jerry's innovation, dedication, and improving the cocktail experience.

For bartenders and cocktail fans, the Jerry Thomas bitters offer a link to mixology's history. They allow us to add a bit of the past to new drinks and honour a cocktail pioneer. Whether making a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, or your own creations, a touch of Jerry Thomas bitters can enhance your drink. They bring a range of flavours and a nod to bartending's golden age.

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