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J.A. Baczewski

J. A. Baczewski has a long history in spirit production. Founded in the late 18th century in Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine), it became a symbol of Polish craftsmanship. By 1939, it was one of Poland's most popular exports.

Origins of the Distillery

It started in 1782 in Wybranówka, a suburb of Lwów. Later, under Leopold Maksymilian Baczewski, it moved to Zniesienie. The distillery was known for using the latest technology. Their spirits - vodkas, liqueurs, and rosolises - were famous for their clarity and smoothness. They were suppliers to the imperial court in Vienna.

Modernising the Factory

In the late 19th century, Józef Adam Baczewski modernised the factory. He introduced new production lines from Europe and exported Polish spirits. His marketing strategies, like using crystal carafes, made the brand stand out. After his death in 1911, his sons, Leopold and Henryk, took over. "Baczewski" became synonymous with "vodka".


World War II was hard for the distillery. The Luftwaffe bombed it in 1939. Later, the Soviet Union replaced it with an emery paper factory. However, Baczewski's legacy continued.

Post-War Resurgence

After the war, Eduard Gessler, related to the Baczewski family, revived the brand in Vienna. They became known as "Altvater Gessler - J. A. Baczewski". They represented the Austrian liquor industry at the 1950 International World Fair in Chicago.

Vodka Monopolowa Launch

Eduard reintroduced the Vodka "Monopolowa". This potato vodka was known for its flavour and character. After Eduard's death in 1979, his son Elek Gessler took over. In 1983, they set up operations in the USA. The Gessler family still owns the companies.

Post-Communism Era

After 1989, Polmos in Starogard Gdanski produced Baczewski's spirits. But this stopped in the late 1990s. The "J. A. Baczewski" trademark is now with Altvater Gessler - J. A. Baczewski International (USA) Inc.

Vodka Monopolowa

Vodka Monopolowa is crafted from an old family recipe. It uses Austrian potatoes and alpine water. This vodka is rich in texture and mild in taste. It's good for drinking pure or in cocktails.

J. A. Baczewski's history shows resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

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