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Island Signature Rum

The Island Signature Collection features four unique rums. These are from Mauritius, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Each rum tells a story of its origin and reflects the land where it's made.

These rums follow the French tradition of blending from different distilleries. They all balance elegance, complexity, and richness.

Rum Tierra Madre - Guatemala

Tierra Madre is from Guatemala, known for its quality rums. The region's climate and volcanic soil are perfect for sugar cane. This rum ages in high-altitude oak barrels. It has a fruity, honeyed, and slightly woody taste. The nose has white fruits, honey, cedar wood, and sherry wine notes. The palate is full-bodied, sweet, and peppery, with hints of pink berries and elderberry buds. It finishes with a mineral and tonic taste.

Rum Yellow Snake - Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for its unique sugar and rum. Each distillery uses its own yeast, giving the rum a fruity and spicy character. Yellow Snake captures Jamaica's essence. It has a dry, spicy, and robust blend. The nose includes sugar cane, vanilla, fresh spices, and tropical fruits. The palate combines pepper, flowers, and fruits, ending with vanilla and pepper.

Rum Turquoise Bay - Mauritius Island

Mauritius, with a long history of sugar cane, offers Turquoise Bay Amber Rum. It's a mix of aged molasses and pure sugar cane rums, aged in French and American oak barrels. The rum captures the Indian Ocean's atmosphere. Its nose has sugar cane, hot sugar, honey pastries, sweet wood, and spices. The palate is full and mellow, with pastry flavours, Virginia tobacco, and wood nuances.

Rum Anacaona - Dominican Republic

Anacaona, from the Dominican Republic, is inspired by a famous cacica. It represents the subtlety and freshness of Dominican Rum. The rum is bright gold, like Anacaona's name, "Gold Flower". The nose is delicate with mead and tropical flower notes. The palate is smooth with fresh spicy notes, grey pepper, honey, and mild chilli pepper. This rum offers a delightful and charming experience.

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