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In The Loop

In the world of spirits, it's often the traditional heavyweights that dominate the conversation. However, every so often, a fresh face emerges, offering something different to the discerning drinker. Enter In the Loop Distillery, an English establishment that's making waves not for gin or whisky, but for vermouth and craft bottled cocktails.

While Italy and France traditionally have the stronghold on vermouth production, In the Loop Distillery is putting England on the map for this aromatic fortified wine. Sourcing local botanicals and putting a distinctly English twist on a classic drink, they are both paying homage to and redefining the vermouth genre.

Their vermouth doesn't just sit quietly in the background; it's a statement piece in its own right. With carefully balanced botanicals and a refined palate, it's clear that meticulous craftsmanship goes into each bottle. This isn't just a mixer; it's a drink that can and should be savoured.

But it's not just vermouth where In the Loop shows its prowess. Their venture into bottled cocktails showcases an understanding of the modern drinker's needs. Ready-to-drink cocktails have grown in popularity, and In the Loop's offerings stand out. Notably, the Orange Negroni exudes a balance of bitterness, citrus zest, and aromatic complexity. On the other hand, the Lemon Sherbet Martini offers a tangy, refreshing twist, reminiscent of nostalgic lemon sherbet candies but with a sophisticated edge.

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