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Highland Liquor Co. Gin

Highland Liquor Co. is based in Ullapool's port district. They make Seven Crofts gin. This gin reflects the area's maritime history. It has a unique taste that sets it apart from other gins.

Seven Crofts has rich aromas from its chosen botanicals. The smell is a mix of juniper, pepper, and ripe plum. The taste has notes of forest fruits and woodlands. It also has strong juniper and spicy coriander and pink pepper. The finish is fresh and clean. It combines juniper, pepper, and orchard fruit flavours.

When mixed with tonic, Seven Crofts shows a balance of flavours. The gin stands out even with tonic. It's best served with ice, a quality tonic, and an orange slice. This brings out the gin's aromatic oils.

Highland Liquor Co. also makes 'Seven Crofts Fisherman’s Strength'. This is a stronger version of Seven Crofts Gin. It has strong juniper with ripe blueberries, black pepper, and spicy coriander. Despite the higher alcohol, it's not too strong.

The company has other gins. 'The Ullapool Gin' reflects the local flora. It has spicy and earthy notes. 'Fort William Gin' is bold. It has juniper with hedgerow fruit and spicy coriander.

The brand. has an 'Experimental Series'. This explores new ideas in spirits. It takes inspiration from the local area and community.

They also made 'Isle Martin Gin 2021'. This was with the Isle Martin Trust. It was the third edition, delayed by COVID-19. Ben Thompson, the head distiller, and trust volunteers foraged botanicals from Isle Martin for this gin.

The company celebrated the 14th Loopallu Festival on 28th September 2018. This marked their first distilled spirits in Ullapool. They made 357 bottles of a limited edition. These sold out in a day. This shows the promise of the distillery, the UK's most north-westerly one.

Highland Liquor Co. shows dedication and regional pride. Their spirits like Seven Crofts tell a story. Each sip brings the drinker to the heart of Ullapool. They are making history with every distilled drop.

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