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Kay and David Healey founded Healeys in 1980. It's a family-run business known for Cornish cider. Their journey began with a small shop and a dream to press apples. They revived a 150-year-old farm. Now, their sons, Sam and Joe, run the business. They oversee the harvest and continue the family's cider-making tradition.

The Healeys have refreshed cider making in Cornwall. They turned a 16th-century press into a hub for world-class drinks. Their 18-hectare estate has many apple types. These apples give their cider a unique taste. They opened the first Cornish distillery in 300 years. Here, they share their cider and Cornish lifestyle with visitors worldwide.

For over 30 years, the family has focused on apples. They make drinks that capture the spirit of Cornwall. Their farm is a popular spot. Visitors come to see how they make cider and enjoy the Cornish sun.

The business has grown while keeping a strong family and community feel. Each family member has a role. They manage projects, trade, customer relations, and company operations.

Healeys is more than a cider maker. They create experiences and memories. Their products show their dedication to excellence. From growing the apples to bottling, every step shows their passion for cider.

The brand combines tradition and innovation. They use modern techniques to improve their cider. Their focus on quality has made Healeys a top name in the drinks world.

Looking ahead, the Healeys aim to celebrate their 100th birthday. They want to share their cider-making passion with future generations. They continue to impact the drinks world with their unique Cornish cider.

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