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Harveys Sherry

Thomas Harvey founded Harveys Sherry in 1796. It brings together British business skills and Spanish winemaking. The brand is in Jerez, Spain, known for its sherry triangle. The area's albariza soil, rich in limestone, is perfect for growing Palomino grapes for top-quality sherry.

Harveys uses the Solera system in making sherry. This system mixes young wines with older ones for a consistent taste. This is key to Harveys' sherries. It brings together different aromas like nuts and dried fruit for a balanced drink.

Harveys Bristol Cream started in the 1880s. Its blue bottle is well-known. It combines dried fruits, nuts, and caramel. It has stayed popular over the years. Harveys' range goes from dry Manzanilla to sweet Pedro Ximénez. This shows their aim to suit different tastes and uses.

Harveys also focuses on being sustainable. They protect the Albariza soil and make wine in an eco-friendly way. This meets modern expectations of ethical making.

Sherry is often linked with social events. The brand supports this by sponsoring events and working with others. They keep sherry as a way to socialise and celebrate. This keeps the cultural side of sherry drinking alive.

Harveys is known around the world. It mixes British and Spanish cultures. This lets them make products that appeal to many people. Harveys combines tradition, new ideas, sustainability, and community. This helps them stay relevant in both the past and present.

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