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Hapsburg Absinthe

Hapsburg Absinthe is key in the modern revival of absinthe. They aim to capture the essence of the "Green Fairy," which was both loved and feared in the past.

Absinthe is a strong drink made from plants. These include grand wormwood, green anise, and sweet fennel. Hapsburg Absinthe follows this traditional recipe but adds its own twist.

Absinthe was once wrongly thought to cause hallucinations. This was because of thujone in wormwood. It was banned in the early 20th century. Today, Hapsburg is part of Absinthe's comeback. Modern making and rules ensure it is safe but still has its unique taste.

Hapsburg Absinthe suits many tastes. They make traditional, strong absinthes for experienced drinkers. These have a high alcohol level and a bitter wormwood taste. They also have milder absinthes for newcomers or those who want a gentler drink.

The ritual of preparing Absinthe is special. You put a sugar cube on a spoon over a glass of absinthe. Then you pour cold water over the sugar, which mixes with the absinthe. This releases the oils and flavours.

Hapsburg also has bold absinthes, like those with black fruits or red berries. These are great for cocktails and have a strong taste and look.

Hapsburg Absinthe's branding reminds us of the artistic and literary movements of the 19th century. The packaging has a vintage feel. It appeals to those who like the romance and nostalgia of that time.

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