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Granny Garbutt's Gin

Gin has experienced a modern renaissance, with countless craft distilleries popping up around the world. Amidst this plethora of gin producers, Granny Garbutt’s Gin has carved a special niche. Beyond its captivating taste and aroma, it’s the legacy behind the name that truly sets this gin apart.

Originating in Devon, England, Granny Garbutt’s Gin is inspired by the personality and history of a real individual - Granny Garbutt herself. Born in Yorkshire in 1901, she was known for her vivacious spirit, colourful character, and passion for the beautiful Yorkshire moors that she loved and called home. The gin is a tribute to her zest for life, embodying her essence and the vibrant flora of the moors she so adored.

One of the defining features of Granny Garbutt's Gin is its botanical profile. Just as the moors change their cloak of colours with the seasons, so too does this gin offer a medley of flavours, an olfactory journey that’s reminiscent of the diverse flora of the English countryside. Each botanical is thoughtfully chosen, representing a different aspect of the landscape and offering a distinctive layer to the gin’s taste profile.

Juniper, as expected, lays the foundation, but it's the chorus of other botanicals like gorse flower, heather, and citrus that really bring the spirit to life. These ingredients are hand-foraged, ensuring authenticity and a genuine connection to the land.

Moreover, the gin is a visual treat. Its hue - a delicate and ethereal shade, often influenced by the botanicals used - mirrors the often misty, always enchanting Yorkshire moors. When poured into a glass, it's like having a piece of the English countryside right in your hand.

In today’s age, where consumers are keen on knowing the story behind what they consume, Granny Garbutt's Gin stands out. It’s not just about the taste, as exceptional as it is. It’s about heritage, tradition, and a deep-rooted love for nature. Every bottle is an ode to Granny Garbutt, her legacy, and the timeless beauty of the Yorkshire moors.

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