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Gordon Castle

Scotland is famous for its whiskies, but its gin industry is growing. Gordon Castle Gin is one of the standout craft distilleries in the region. It's known for its history, quality, and authenticity.

The gin is made at Gordon Castle in Moray. This castle is one of Scotland's oldest and grandest. It has been a part of the Gordon clan since the 15th century. Today, it's not just a historical site but also a source of inspiration and ingredients for the gin.

The gin's unique taste comes from its estate. It uses botanicals from the castle's Walled Garden. This is one of Britain's oldest and largest kitchen gardens. This means each sip of gin has the essence of the estate.

Key botanicals include mint, lavender, and gooseberries from the Walled Garden. These are mixed with traditional gin botanicals. The result is a gin that is aromatic, fresh, and unique. Every step, from growing to distilling, shows their commitment to authenticity and quality.

Gordon Castle Gin tastes clean and crisp. It has fruity gooseberry notes, floral lavender, and refreshing mint. It's good neat but also great in cocktails, where its flavours can shine.

In a time of marketing tricks and flashy packaging, Gordon Castle Gin is different. It shows the power of history, tradition, and the richness of its land. Each bottle offers a taste of Scotland's heritage and the dedication of those who make it.

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