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Gin 13 distillery

Gin 13 embraces the number 13, often seen as unlucky, as a sign of being unique. This brand stands out in the craft gin world. The gin is made from 13 botanicals, including usual ones like juniper and citrus peels, and unusual ones like hops, black tea, and strawberries. These give it a taste that is both classic and new.

The gin is distilled in copper stills. This lets each botanical shine, creating a well-balanced flavour. Hops add bitterness, strawberries bring sweetness, and black tea gives depth.

The bottle is clear with black and green highlights. These colours reflect the botanicals and Portugal's green scenery. The number 13 is featured as a key part of its identity.

Gin 13 is flexible in use. It suits both simple and adventurous drinkers. Alone, it offers complex flavours. With tonic, it's refreshing. It's also great for cocktails, from classic martinis to new creations.

The gin's packaging includes lucky symbols like four-leaf clovers. This adds a playful twist to its 'unlucky' theme. The bottle and branding are modern, making Gin 13 stand out on shelves.

The distillers focus on their craft. They blend the botanicals carefully and distil them to create a clear, high-quality flavour. Each batch is made with care for consistent quality and taste.

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