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G52 Vodka

The Glasgow Distillery has a strong presence in the spirits industry with its G52 Botanical Vodka range. This range includes G52 Fresh Citrus and G52 Rich Coffee. It shows the distillery's focus on quality, new ideas, and its link to Glasgow's history of trade.

Glasgow Distillery's Background and Skills

The Glasgow Distillery is in Glasgow, known for its trade history. It mixes old methods with new skills. Their spirits are made in 'Annie', a traditional copper pot still. This still is key to the unique flavours of their vodka range. The distillery uses only natural and fresh ingredients from around the world. This shows its commitment to quality and realness.

G52 Fresh Citrus Vodka

The G52 Fresh Citrus is a bright example of the distillery's skill in making unique vodkas. It is made with zesty botanicals like fresh grapefruit, lemon, lime, and oranges. It also has rosehip and spicy fresh ginger. This mix creates a vodka full of citrus flavour. It is ideal for mixing with soda or tonic water. Adding a slice of fresh pink grapefruit brings out its flavours. It is a refreshing choice for many occasions.

In 2021, G52 Fresh Citrus vodka won 'Best British Infused & Botanical Vodka' at the World Vodka Awards. This award shows its high quality and special character.

G52 Rich Coffee Vodka

The G52 Rich Coffee Vodka complements the citrus one. It is a rich and luxurious spirit. It is made with Colombian coffee beans, cacao nibs, tonka beans, and fresh oranges. This blend creates a spirit with a unique character. It is indulgent and rich. The G52 Rich Coffee Vodka is great for making a warm espresso martini. It offers depth and complexity for coffee and vodka fans.

The G52 range from the Glasgow Distillery celebrates Glasgow's heritage. It also shows the distillery's dedication to making unique, high-quality spirits. Both G52 Fresh Citrus and G52 Rich Coffee vodkas show the distillery's skill in bringing new ideas to traditional spirit making. These vodkas are not just drinks. They reflect history, culture, and skilled craftsmanship. Each bottle from the G52 range brings the spirit of Glasgow and the quality of the Glasgow Distillery. They offer a journey into the city's rich past and a celebration of its lively present.

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