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G'Vine Gin

G’Vine is a unique gin brand from France's Cognac region. It's known for its premium quality and modern twist on classic gin. G’Vine differs from traditional gins in its base spirit and botanicals.

Most gins use grain alcohol, but G’Vine uses a grape-based spirit from Ugni Blanc grapes. These grapes are also used in cognac. The grape spirit makes the gin smoother and more refined. This reflects the brand's French heritage and winemaking traditions.

G’Vine Gin includes unusual botanicals. Along with juniper berries, it has rare vine flowers. These bloom once a year in June for a few days. They add a floral and aromatic touch to the gin.

Other botanicals include ginger root, liquorice, cubeb berries, nutmeg, and lime. These come from around the world, ensuring high quality.

Making the gin is a detailed process. The grape spirit is distilled four times. This creates purity and smoothness. The botanicals are added in a fifth distillation. This happens in small pot stills for precise control. This ensures balanced flavours.

G’Vine works well in many cocktails. Its floral and aromatic notes suit light, refreshing drinks. Its complexity is also good for stronger drinks. G’Vine is great in classic gin cocktails with a modern twist.

The brand has won awards for its quality and innovation. Its unique features and premium ingredients have made it stand out in competitions. G’Vine is a leader in the super-premium gin category.

G’Vine offers a modern, luxurious gin. It challenges the norm with its grape spirit and select botanicals. Its smooth texture, floral notes, and complexity make it popular with gin fans and bartenders. It's versatile for cocktails. G’Vine blends French tradition with modern style, raising the bar in gin making.

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