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Nocheluna Sotol is making significant strides in redefining the Mexican spirits category within Europe. Originating from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distilled from the Sotol (Dasylirion) plant, this spirit showcases the lesser-known treasures of the Mexican desert. The venture is a collaboration between Casa Lumbre, Pernod Ricard, and Lenny Kravitz, a renowned musician, actor, and designer, marking a new and exciting chapter in the world of spirits.

Following its successful introduction in Mexico City and New York in 2022, Nocheluna Sotol made its European entrance in Paris. This expansion brings the unique character of this Mexican spirit to a broader audience of enthusiasts, eager to explore and discover the less frequented regions of Mexico. The spirit is distilled from the robust sotol plant, native to Chihuahua, Mexico, embodying the essence of North Mexican heritage and the distinct natural elements of the region.

The initiative is spearheaded by Casa Lumbre, a Mexican spirits group renowned for its commitment to creating innovative and premium spirits. Collaborating closely with Master Distiller Don “Lalo” Eduardo Arrieta and Ricardo Pico, a prominent advocate for Sotol, Nocheluna Sotol narrates the rich and distinct history of an intriguing but relatively unknown spirit that has been part of Mexican culture for generations. Mexico's varied and rich terroir, especially in the Chihuahuan desert, provides exciting alternatives beyond the well-known tequila and mezcal. The sotol plant, thriving under the harsh desert conditions of hot, dry days and cool nights, forms the basis of this unique spirit.

The harsh environmental conditions of the Chihuahuan desert, where the Sotol plant flourishes, contribute significantly to the distinct taste profile of Nocheluna Sotol. The spirit offers a sophisticated and smooth balance of flavours, including wild herbs, dried stone fruit, caramel, honey, deep minerality, and oak firewood. This unique blend results from the distinctive desert terroir and the expertise of the team involved in its creation, providing a taste experience that is both layered and unique.

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