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Flexit Drinks Gin

Flexit Drinks, the producers of the exquisite Matterhorn Gin, have masterfully crafted a spirit that encapsulates the grandeur and magnificence of the Swiss Alps’ Matterhorn mountain. This gin invites connoisseurs on a sensory journey, capturing the essence of its alpine inspiration through carefully selected botanicals and a unique serving recommendation.

The Perfect Serve for Matterhorn Gin is an immersive experience, beginning with a small branch of pinetree, which is gently burned until it produces smoke. This smouldering sprig is then placed atop the ice in the glass, releasing a captivating aroma that enhances the drinking experience. The serve is completed with a scattering of juniper berries and a generous pour of Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, resulting in a refreshing and aromatic beverage.

Matterhorn Gin itself is a harmonious blend of botanicals, including pine tree blossom and resin, coupled with a robust presence of juniper berry. The gin is best enjoyed in a G&T, garnished with the smoked pinetree for an extra layer of aromatic complexity. The tasting experience reveals vibrant layers of crisp, resinous juniper and pine, supported by a gently herbaceous character, warmth from peppercorn, and a subtle touch of woody spice.

Matterhorn Alpin Fresh is the successor to the award-winning original Matterhorn Gin, crafted by the skilled hands of Miguel Dheedene (Verso) and Vincent Parisis (a Mixologist and Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco Spirits Contest). This variant is a celebration of the fresh mountain air and the morning dew of the summery Alps achieved through a blend of botanicals, including caraway seed, sea buckthorn, coriander, juniper berry, and alpine herbs that impart a remarkably fresh touch. The flavour profile is refreshingly summery with a soft hint of citrus.

For the Perfect Serve of Matterhorn Alpin Fresh, garnish with lemongrass, an orange slice, and juniper berries. To complete this exquisite presentation, add a small white violet. The recommended tonics to accompany this gin are Fever-Tree Clementine or Fever-Tree Tonic, ensuring a perfect balance and a sublime tasting experience.

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